Hindu Temple Community Center

Community Center

The Hindu Temple of St. Louis Community Center
Our community history is your family’s future

The Hindu Temple of St. Louis has provided our community with a location and resource dedicated to the enrichment of families for over 20 years. In light of this, we propose to build a Community Center which, with your support, will fulfill the needs of our current and future generations.With a population of 16,000 (and growing) Indian families in St. Louis, this new development would be a significant milestone for our future generations.

The proposed Community Center will provide 28,000 sq.ft of additional space and will thus be able to provide a place to watch our community and your family grow together in faith and education.

Call to join us:-

Temple is striving to work in conjunction with all Indian organizations. Agreements were signed with Balvihar, Gujarat Samaj for the utilization of the upcoming multipurpose community center. We want to work with all the other organizations for the maximum benefit of all.

How can you help us?

The overall project is $6 milion dollars. In order to achive a mojor portion of that goal($3 million) over the next 3 years, we ask you consider becoming one of the TOP ENABLERS of this effort. By leading the effort and donating early, you must demonstrate the value of this project to our community. Our request for your family to be among the 116 Enablers to help make this dream a reality.

Donation levels for Top 116 Enablers Program

(67 Spots have been filled up as of June’2015)

  • Classroom: $100,000
  • Super Platinum: $30,000
  • Platinum: $15,000
  • Gold: $7,500

*All donations can be paid in 3 equal installments over 3 years.


Please note, no donation is too small , you can also donate to this project by donating to other levels such as, Silver:$3,000 , Bronze: $1,500 & Brick: $500