Shri Janardhana Charyulu


Shri CHALAMACHARLA JANARDHANA CHARYULU was born in Gudivada in Andhra Pradesh. From the age of 8, he was intensely educated by his scholarly father, Brahmasri Venkatacharyulu in Pancharatara Agama. His schooling in Sanskrit was given by his brother Sri Venkatasesha charyulu for over four years. He was trained in various priestly services and karma kandas like Upanayana, Kalyana, Brahmotsava, Prana Prathishta etc was by Sri Dittakavi Venkata TataCharyulu. He served in Pittsburgh temple from 2002 to 2005. He joined our temple in 2005. His wife’s name is Rama Rukmini.

Known languages : Telugu
(314)677-4439, (636)594-5532