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The SoHam Center Retreat was a grand success! We kick started the year with a devotional Ganesh Pooja, refreshed our minds with Yoga, elaborated on the idea of Hinduism and its culture, and made friends through the fun-filled games and activities. Thanks to everyone who made this possible. We appreciate all the contributions that we received. We attached some pictures from the Retreat Day(Goto Gallery menu) so that we could all remember what a grand success it was.

Attention all members

Be sure to check the calendar below for any upcoming Youth Group events for the 2012-2013 season and keep up to date with Youth Group events!

Attention parents

we would greatly appreciate it if anyone is interested in volunteering as teachers, drivers, or etc. for our young Youth Group members. If interested, please contact Hindu Temple Youth Group at hindutempleyouthgroup@gmail.com

Just a reminder for all Youth Group members

if you volunteer at enough Youth Group events throughout the 2012-2013 period, you will have a chance to earn the PRESIDENTIAL SERVICE AWARD officially signed by the President of the United States!!! So make sure your impact in the local community is felt all the way to the White House!

Congratulations to Akhil Pulumati, a Youth Member, for donating a garden bench through his Eagle Scout project to the Hindu Temple! We greatly appreciate your effort! Keep it up!

*If anyone else is interested in performing such projects, feel free to contact us through email!