Board of Trustees – 2011


Vijayakumar Buddhiraju

Vice Chair:

G. V. Naidu


Satish Nayak


S. Krishna Reddy,   Naina Choksi,   M.K. Sateesha,  
Arvind Bisarya,   Shanta Dayakar,  Ravi Shitut,  
Puran Luthra

Functions of Board Of Trustees

  • Asset management.
  • Managing Endowment trust Fund.
  • Construction and future expansion of the temple.
  • Fund Raising Activity.
  • Upholding Temple By-laws.
  • Review of long term goals and safeguarding of established policies.
  • Advising Executive Committee.
  • Managing Public Relations.
  • Coordination with community, other religious organizations and Humanitarian activites, Conducting organizational elections.

Building (New Construction):

New building work, expansion.  Building work costs more than $10,000.


  • G. V. Naidu

Public Relations:

Relationship with other hindu organizatins,officials


  • G.V. Naidu

Assets Management:

Maintaining the endowment fund, life membership fund.

Chair :

  • Sharad Parikh


Organizing humanitarian activities, sandwitch donation for homeless, soup kitchen, operation food search.


  • Satish Nayak

Fund Raising:

Organizing fund raising dinners, introducing program for fundraising.

Chair :

  • Krishna Reddy


Responsible for hearing the by-law & procedures & policy changes.

Chair :

  • Sendil K. Rathinasabapathy